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Wypall X80 Single Ply Large Blue Roll

Wypall X80 Single Ply Large Blue Roll

SKU: WPR0111


1 Roll x 475 Sheets = 475 Sheets

Roll 42.00 x 31.00 Height x Diameter(cm)

Sheet 38.00 x 42.00 Length x Width(cm)


A repeat-use wiper with HYDROKNIT* technology that is highly absorbent, strong and durable (wet or dry), resists most solvents, reduces residue, allows fast cleaning and helps reduce costs.

Ideal for: heavy-duty tasks in industrial areas; wiping machinery and parts; cleaning rough surfaces without breaking up; wiping away grease, oil, solvents, heavier soiling; prepping surfaces.


Available as: large, perforated roll for use in busy areas. Can be used with a range of mobile or mounted dispensing systems to help control use and reduce wastage.

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