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D Solve Heavy Duty Graffiti Remover Trigger Spray

D Solve Heavy Duty Graffiti Remover Trigger Spray

SKU: GRM0110


Selden D-Solve Graffiti Remover is a powerful water-soluble spray cleaner for professional use. D-Solve will remove graffiti from brick, concrete and stone. It has a low-odour blend of specialist ingredients with no choking fumes and a low viscosity formulation to provide faster and superior penetration for a fast graffiti-removing action.


How to use

For use on masonry work – stone, brick and concrete. Do not use on plastics, painted surfaces or other solvent-sensitive surfaces.


Selden D-Solve Graffiti Remover should be sprayed onto the graffiti and allowed sufficient time to penetrate. The surface should then be rinsed with plenty of clean water. If a further application is necessary allow the surface to dry completely first.

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