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Abracs General Purpose Diamond Blade 115 x 22mm

Abracs General Purpose Diamond Blade 115 x 22mm

SKU: CWB0198

Choose this general purpose diamond cutting blade for professional building jobs. Its high quality gives a good cost per cut ratio which makes it excellent value for money. The versatile blade is 10 mm thick and great for slicing through any general construction materials, such as concrete, bricks, tiles or natural stone. 

The Abracs blade is one of the fastest general cutters you'll find, thanks to its angled turbo segments and narrow gullets that reduce the risk of segment loss. This means less chance of building dust getting stuck in the blade and breaking off one of its tips. Its material make-up includes premium quality diamonds for ultimate cutting power, while its pre-stressed metal body stands up exceptionally well to even the hardest of materials.

You can use this blade for wet or dry cutting and it's designed to offer you maximum performance and a long working life.

• 10 mm segment for increased lifespan

• Excellent value for money with a good cost-per-cut ratio

• Keyhole gullets to aid stock removal and clear debris from cutting surface

• Can be used for wet or dry cutting

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