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3M - H540P3E Optime III Helmet Mounted H540P3E

3M - H540P3E Optime III Helmet Mounted H540P3E

SKU: HRP0108




The 3M PELTOR Optime III protective earmuffs have been developed as a high-performance hearing protection device for work in conditions with the highest noise levels, i.e. airports, ship engine rooms, power plants and printing plants. Double housing that minimizes resonance in the cups. The large space inside the ear cup helps reduce moisture and heat build-up. Soft, wide rings reduce pressure in the ears and increase wearing comfort. Easy removal and application of the pillows allows them to be kept clean efficiently. Hearing protector for maximum attenuation of high frequencies. Intended for use in environments with intense noise or situations, and where concentration requires protection from distracting sounds. Thanks to a special acoustic connection between the internal space and the space between the housings, it provides maximum low frequency attenuation.



  • P3E clasp for connection to the helmet
  • Colour: Black / Red
  • Brand: Peltor
  • Hearing protector type: Mounted on the helmet
  • Product type: Hearing protectors
  • Product Series: Optime
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