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Tagfresh Lemon / Lime Air Freshener Disc

Tagfresh Lemon / Lime Air Freshener Disc

SKU: ASF0101
Tagfresh Lemon / Lime Air Freshener Disc

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Teepol Tagfresh is a unique air freshener that is probably the simplest, most effective air freshener on the market. This green coloured tagged air freshener turns blue when it's no longer effective - so you can easily spot when it's time for a new one. No aerosols, no batteries and no special dispenser is needed - just hang up and when it turns blue, it's time to renew. It's so effective that, under normal conditions, one Tagfresh will keep an area of 30 cubic metres smelling fresh and clean for 30-60 days.


Tagfresh is a really versatile product. It comes as a tag that can be easily attached to a wide variety of objects. Over the years users have found a very wide variety of applications for Tagfresh. These include, but are by no means limited to:


Hospitals, nursing homes, day care centres, schools, colleges, airports, planes, ferries, coaches, trains, all toilets, pubs, holiday camps, tents, caravans, swimming pools, changing rooms, farm machinery, animal shelters, kennels, catteries, waste bin areas, factories, offices, garden sheds, garages, fishing boats, leisure clubs, portable toilets, trucks, and many many more.

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