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Softcare Med H5 Alcohol Rub

Softcare Med H5 Alcohol Rub

SKU: SCA0101



Soft Care Med Alcohol Gel H5
Soft Care MED is an alcohol rub, developed for hand disinfection. This hand care product is suitable for application in the healthcare and food processing area.

Soft Care MED is a skin disinfectant based on a blend of isopropyl alcohol and n-propanol, thickener polymer and humectant.

This alcohol blended hand cleanser is a very efficient disinfectant, highly effective against resident and transient skin microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The alcho gel has been formulated with thickener, generating higher viscosity and resulting in longer product-skin contact time and consequently better performance.

In addition it contains moisturiser, providing skin care.

Soft Care MED is especially suitable for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection and should be used in conjunction with a mild hand cleanser such as any Soft Care handwashing product.

The product is perfume free, thus eliminating risk of tainting food, allowing application in the food processing area.


  • This gel is used for infection control and is effective against common pathogens
  • Most alcohol hand rubs have ethanol or propanol as their main active ingredient, both of which are effective but there are significant advantages in choosing Soft Care Med H5 with its mixture of propanols
  • Soft Care H5 Med Alcohol Rub is sold in cases of 6
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