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Selosol Detergent Degreaser

Selosol Detergent Degreaser

SKU: KDD0108
Selosol Detergent Degreaser



Ideal degreaser for use throughout the kitchen. Emulsifies cooking oil, ideal for cleaning deep fat fryers. Contains no solvents, no acids or caustics. Odourless, will not taint foodstuffs – safe for use in food processing areas. Controlled foam, no excessive rinsing required. Use to degrease walls, floors, and all water washable surfaces in the kitchen. Selosol emulsifies shortenings, animal and vegetable oils and fats. Selosol rinses freely to leave all non-porous surfaces clean and grease free. For heavy duty degreasing dilute 1 part Selosol to 10 parts water. For general cleaning dilute 1 part Selosol to 40 parts water. For damp mopping dilute 1 part Selosol to 100 parts water.

  • Safety Information

    Please see data sheet for full safety information:

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