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Selden Peach Pearlised Hand Soap

Selden Peach Pearlised Hand Soap

SKU: CFD0106
Selden Peach Pearlised Hand Soap


Mild, rich cleansing lather. Fresh peach fragrance

This universal hand cleaner is extremely effective as a toilet soap whilst mild enough for general use. It possess extra emulsifying powers for grease and grime removal and is safe to use as a body shampoo.

For grease and light oil removal - apply Peach Pearl and rub well in, then rinse and dry. For normal washing - wet hands, apply a small amount of Peach Pearl and wash hands.
     Composition: An advanced blend of cleaning and emulsifying agents containing foam boosters, skin conditioners and a pearlising agent.
     Appearance: Opaque, pearlised liquid
     Colour: Peach
     Viscosity: 3800 cps
     Density: 1.027
     Fragrance: Peach
     Stability: 30 months store