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Safety Glasses Slam Shade 2 (Welding)

Safety Glasses Slam Shade 2 (Welding)

SKU: EFP0124


SLAM safety glasses, lightweight (24g) with a sporty look.


  • Very comfortable with a wide field of vision
  • Made of durable polycarbonate
  • Lenses with a welding filter 1.7 are scratch resistant 
  • Made for long-term usage
  • Provide protection against bright light, UV radiation and infrared radiation
  • Ideally suited for use by people assisting in welding activities



  • They meet the European standards EN166, EN170, EN 172, EN 175
  • The set includes a strap with tunnels that can be hung around the neck
  • Glass colour: Light Green
  • Frame colour: Black

Lenses with a thickness of 2.3mm have mechanical resistance to:

Impact resistance of a ball with a diameter of 6mm, 0.86g ejected at a speed of 45m/s

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