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Johnsons Enhance Foam Shampoo

Johnsons Enhance Foam Shampoo

SKU: CFE0102
Johnsons Enhance Foam Shampoo



Enhance Foam Shampoo absorbs soilage and holds it until the foam dries. The soilage and dried foam can be vacuumed away together. Enhance Foam Shampoo contains a soil barrier which coats the carpet fibres leaving a non-sticky surface that resists re-soiling. The addition of Odour Neutralising Technology destroys unpleasant smells and leaves a fresh, clean fragrance. Enhance Foam Shampoo is suitable for Dry and Wet shampoo and Encapsulation cleaning method. 



Excellent cleaner with low re-soil properties.
Woolsafe approved with ONT.
Reduces allergens in the carpet.


How to use

Check the carpet for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area before use.
Remove all moveable furniture and thoroughly vacuum the carpet. 
If necessary, remove spots and stains using Enhance Spot and Stain Remover 
Dilute product at 10% (1:10) with water for the dry and wet shampoo cleaning method and at 8% (1:13) with water for the encapsulation cleaning method.
Clean the carpet following the manufacturers directions for the machine uses. 
Allow the carpet to dry completely. The drying process is the most important step in this cleaning method. As it dries, the product absorbers the soilage and sets up the soil barrier to retard the re-soiling of the carpet pile in use. 
Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove the dried foam and loosened dirt. 
Re-set the pile by brushing in one direction with a stiff carpet brush. 

  • Safety information

    Please see data sheet for full safety information:

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