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Janitol Plus Heavy Duty Cleaner

Janitol Plus Heavy Duty Cleaner

SKU: KDD0107
Janitol Plus Heavy Duty Cleaner



  • Heavy duty, high performance surface degreaser
  • Removes ground-in and burnt-on food deposits
  • Low odour and non-caustic
  • Suitable for use in Food Preparation Areas
  • Professional Use


Janitol Plus is a non-caustic surface degreaser which removes ground in and burnt-on food deposits and is effective on any surface with no dulling of paintwork. It contains water softening capabilities and good detergency which is free rinsing. It readily mixes with water, leaving no undiluted material and can be diluted according to soiling type for maximum cost efficiency. It is low odour so there are no unpleasant smells during use.

  • Safety Information

    Please see data sheet for full safety information:

    Data sheet

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