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FB Key

FB Key

SKU: MIS0101


If you are a property manager or living in a block, it is very likely that you have encountered with FB keys or FB locks already.


FB is the abbreviation for Fire Brigade. FB locks and keys are a set of standard locks and keys that are commonly used in the communal area, such as electric cupboard, car park gate and bin store. The standard model means that emergency personnel can access to those area using FB keys. 


The most frequently used FB deadlocks are FB1, FB2 and FB4. These keys are about 95mm-105mm long, silver and have a number (1 or 2 or 4) on its pattern. The deadlocks are normally used for electric cupboard, motor room, utility metre room, and bin store etc. Nowadays, many engineers, rubbish collection operatives and metre inspectors always bring a full set of FB keys to access to these areas.

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