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Dymapearl Pink Lotion Soap

Dymapearl Pink Lotion Soap

SKU: SBF0102
Dymapearl Pink Lotion Soap



DYMAPEARL PINK is designed for use as a hand cleaner. A powerful cleaning agent, yet extremely mild to the skin since it contains glycerine.

DYMAPEARL PINK should be filled into pump action dispensers. A small quantity of soap onto the hands will be generated into a rich lather by washing hands with hot or cold water. Remove lather by rinsing. PROTECT FROM FROST.
     Composition: Aqueous blend of anionic, non ionic and amphoteric surfactants together with viscosity modifier, dye and preservative.
     Appearance: thick pearlised liquid
     Colour: Pink
     Viscosity: 3500 cps
     Density: 1.018
     Fragrance: Bouquet
     Stability: 30 months

All surfactants contained in Selden Products meet the requirements of the EU Detergent Directive 2005 – 2004/648/EC. This requires all surfactants to break down both quickly and completely into harmless material such as CO2 and water.