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Cutan Foam Hand SanitiserCutan Foam Hand Sanitiser

Cutan Foam Hand SanitiserCutan Foam Hand Sanitiser

SKU: SBO0102
Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser



Pleasant to Use - Rich foam is extremely pleasant for frequent use in between hand washing and encourages maximum compliance.


Glove Compatible - Following use, gloves can be easily and quickly applied as Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser is free from sticky thickening agents.


High Efficacy Formula - Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal, independently tested to the latest European microbiological standards.


Meets the requirements of EN 1500, EN 1275 and EN 1276.


Toxicological Approval - Formulation assessed by a Toxicologist and declared ‘non-toxic and Hypoallergenic.


Unique Foam Format - Quickly and easily rubs across the hands with no drips or splashes.


Conditions Skin - Contains conditioner to help prevent skin dryness and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth for an excellent after-feel.


Instant Action - Rapid activity against many common organisms in only 15 seconds, reducing populations by up to 99.999% equivalent to 5 log10 reductions.


Dermatological Test - 48hr single patch test.

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