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Airoma 270ml Starter Pack

Airoma 270ml Starter Pack

SKU: AAS0101
Airoma 270mil Starter Pack


Airoma is an automatic air freshener dispenser designed to provide facilities with regular small bursts of fragrance.

The air freshener dispenser provides flexible and easy to use programming options. Airoma Air Freshener Refills are available, with four distinct ranges; the ‘Classics’, ‘Fruits’, ‘Oriental’ and the ‘Airoma Therapy & Spa’ fragrance ranges.


Fully programmable dispenser. 'Quick' button allows for 30/45/60 days use, 24/7.
Patented features - automatic reset button & I.P.E. - enables a period per day of enhanced fragrance.
Effective in room sizes up to 200m³.

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