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2 1/2" Aluminium Standpipe

2 1/2" Aluminium Standpipe

SKU: WTH0109

2 1/2" alloy Standpipe complete. To comply with BS336 or equivalent.

Double Check Valve to comply with BS6282-5 or equivalent.

All components are cast in materials acceptable to the Water Industry and cast in grades LM6/LM4.

Tube material is to BS1474 6082 T6.


The outside diameter shall be 21/2" with a wall thickness of 1/8"

Standpipe base to be standard London Round Thread connections.


Base washers to be manufactured from a WRAS approved EPDM or Nitrile material.


Outlet to be standard 2 1/2" instantaneous coupling with 360° swivel head.


Avoids back siphonage and contamination of mains water supply with approved brass or alloy check valves to BS 6282, Inlet 21/2 inch hydrant round thread (HRT) BS 750 and outlet 2 1/2 inch female instantaneous coupling to BS 336.

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